If it’s not too much trouble, would someone in the Colorado media please bother to ask outgoing Congressman Ed Perlmutter whatever possessed him to vote against security protections for our Supreme Court Justices?

It’s a scandal the Justice Department hasn’t run off the unruly protestors outside the homes of justices, who are illegally trying to manipulate and influence the outcome of a case that could affect Roe v. Wade.

If the Colorado media ever gets around to doing their job, perhaps they will also ask Perlmutter’s self-appointed Democrat nominee to replace him in the 7th Congressional District, Brittany Pettersen, if she agrees with the vote to leave our justices vulnerable to mob justice and undue influence?

The vote doesn’t appear to be an anomaly. More than two dozen Democrats including AOC voted along with Perlmutter against a bill that passed the House this week with wide bipartisan support to expand security.

President Biden signed the bill into law on Thursday, so the justices will get increased security, no thanks to Perlmutter.