The Democrats who decided it would be a good idea to drop hundreds of thousands on anonymous mailers to bail out Michael Bennet may find themselves with a mountain of legal headaches over the coming weeks and months.

Florida Senator and National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman Rick Scott announced Monday national Republicans are filing a complaint with the Federal Election Commission against the yet to be determined group responsible for the mailers.

“Unfortunately, in their haste to meddle in the Republican primary, Democrats have clearly violated federal law and FEC rules,” Scott alleged.

The mail pieces promoting Senate candidate Ron Hanks completely lack any disclaimer showing who paid for the communication, and falsely claim that Hanks was “endorsed” by the Colorado Republican Party.

Because the anonymous group has not filed any reports with the Federal Election Commission, the NRSC’s complaint also alleges that the Democrats behind the mailer failed to disclose spending, vendors, and donors as prescribed by federal law.

So far a small union print insignia from a Democrat-affiliated Iowa mail firm is the only direct evidence linking the mailers to the left, but Sen. Scott pinned the blame squarely on Chuck Schumer.

“Chuck Schumer and the liberal special interests funding this clearly illegal campaign against Joe O’Dea have shown their hand. They know that Michael Bennet is vulnerable and is one of the weakest Democrat incumbents in the Senate,” Scott added.

“While the NRSC does not get involved in primaries, we are exposing and will continue to expose the Democrats’ efforts to undermine the electoral process in a desperate attempt to protect failed Presidential candidate Michael Bennet.”

Considering the hilarious reaction from the Iowa printing firm when they were contacted by a Denver Post reporter about this, we think it’s safe to say the Scott’s suspicions are correct.

In a phone call with the Denver Post, a person at the company said they do not disclose who pays for its services before hanging up.

The complaint from the NRSC follows comes on the heels of the O’Dea campaign filing their own lawsuit and FEC complaint over the shadowy mail pieces last week.

Some Democrats are attempting to argue these anonymous mailers are merely “voter guides” and thus exempt from relevant federal electioneering laws.

Not so according to election attorney and darling of the left Mario Nicolais, who it should be noted we’ve our fair share of disagreements with in recent years.

“It’s absolutely required. If you don’t have it on your mailer, or on your television ad, or your internet broadcasts, or something, it’s a dead bang campaign finance violation,” Nicolais told ABC Denver.

It is unlikely the identity of the group responsible will become known in time for the June 28th primary, which is likely what the Democrats behind this mess are hoping.

However, if the left is simply counting on Republicans to eventually give up, that may not be a good long term strategy should the Colorado Republican Party file their own defamation suit.

State GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown confirmed to ABC Denver this week the state party is considering filing a defamation suit due to the anonymous mailers falsely claiming the state party has endorsed a candidate in the primary.

“People who think that we’re actually putting our stamp on this and telling people who they should vote for really hurts our integrity as a party, our neutrality, the trust our candidates have in us,” she said.

In addition to the legal quagmire Democrats have created for themselves, they also have to contend with the pathetic reality that they have really given away their game when it comes to January 6th and candidates like Hanks.

Neither Bennet, the state Democrat party, nor local elected Democrats have commented on Schumer’s efforts to manipulate Colorado’s Senate primary.