Colorado gas prices now average $4.92 a gallon for regular unleaded — the highest spike nationwide at 78 cents from last month.

Congratulations, we’re number one.

The record spike is according to AAA, reports Fox 31 News, and lands our state in a position prized by none. 

This bumped the state from its standing as one of the cheapest states for gas.

A month ago, Colorado had the nation’s fifth-cheapest per gallon price. Today, Colorado has the 26th-cheapest price.

The number one question reporters in Colorado should be asking political candidates leading up the June 28 primary election and beyond to the November general election, is how they will deal with the economy and reduce the price of gas.

The reason they don’t, is because they know this is Democratic Party policy to enact the Green New Deal, and it’s what they want.

Regardless, the question will be answered soon enough by voters.