Colorado Democrat candidates are rolling in the dough while many Republicans are struggling to raise funding heading into the primary.

That’s not a huge surprise, considering entrenched Democrat incumbents have become the party of the rich, while Republicans represent regular working class stiffs who are feeding hundred dollar bills to the gas pump instead of politics.

Incumbent Democrat U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet just raised $2.1 million in the most recent reporting period and has $7 million in the bank to take on the Republican nominee.

Meanwhile, Republicans have to fight it out and use up their resources for next week’s primary election. 

Joe O’Dea has raised about $2.1 million and still has about $1 million in the bank to face off against Ron Hanks on June 28. 

Hanks only has $21,000 left from the $67,000 he raised, but an infusion of money from the Democrat Party that is trying to play kingmaker in this and other races is expected to benefit Hanks.

Progressive’s favorite Colorado millionaire and governor Jared Polis is cooling his jets with $5 million in the bank and no Democrat challenger to sap his funds. 

Meanwhile, Heidi Ganahl raised $1.1 million but goes into the homestretch with $145,000 in the bank while Greg Lopez skates in with $17,000.

Democrats are leading with the most cash raised in all of the congressional races except for the 3rd and 7th Districts.

In the 3rd District, Republican U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert has raised more than $5 million and still has $2 million in the bank. 

Her Republican challenger Don Coram of Montrose has raised about $226,000 and has about $112,000 left to finish the big dance.

Democrats lining up to take on Boebert include Adam Frish of Aspen who is loaning his campaign a truckload of cash to compete in the Democrat primary. 

Frish raised $2.5 million that includes about $700,000 of his own money and has $628,000 going into the final days.

Alex Walker of Avon has $24,000 left in the bank after raising $121,000 and Sol Sandoval of Pueblo raised about $106,000 and spent all but $29,000.

In the 7th District, where the Democrat’s anointed one is state Sen. Brittany Pettersen, she’s only raised $916,000 but has $849,000 cash on hand.

In that Republican primary, Tim Reichert has raised $1 million and still has $410,000 cash on hand, while Erik Aadland pulled in $492,000 but only has $39,000 left in the bank. Laurel Imer is running on fumes, having raised $87,000, with only $6,000 cash on hand.

In the 8th District, Democratic state Rep. Yadira raised $286,000 and has $428,000 cash on hand.

On the Republican side, state Sen. Barbara Kirkmeyer raised $90,000 and has $62,000 banked. Thornton Mayor Jan Kulmann raised about $78,000 and has $189,000 left. Weld County Commissioner Lori Saine raised $54,000 but has $113,000 in cash. Tyler Allcorn raised $44,000 and has $189,000 banked.