The devil is always in the details, and as such the Prince of Darkness is definitely lurking in the latest poll commissioned by Progress Now Colorado that purports to show Democrat candidates leading in races at the top of the ticket. 

What seems to be pushing those numbers so high is the group’s messaging strategy, which portrays Republicans as the White Devil, and Democrats as the savior of the oppressed.

We’re not going to bother repeating these results that are based on flat-out false statements, as many Colorado media outlets have rushed to publish.

Instead, take a gander at some of the questions put to those polled:

[GOP Statement] Colorado Democrats have become obsessed with race, divisive social issues like transgender rights, and giving out taxpayer-funded handouts. Under their leadership, crime and homelessness are soaring and schools are failing. And thanks to Colorado Democrats’ out-of-control spending, we have a weak economic recovery, record inflation, and skyrocketing costs for housing, groceries, and gas.


[SPLIT: Focus/MAGA] Colorado Republicans started the latest legislative session by voting to officially thank the January 6th rioters and praise conspiracy theorists who are still trying to overturn the last election. Now, Republicans are making a ban on abortion their top priority and pushing to overturn Colorado’s common-sense gun safety laws. These MAGA Republicans have become so obsessed with pleasing Trump, criminalizing abortion, and protecting the gun lobby that that they are no longer focused on improving the economy for working families.


[SPLIT: Rich Get Richer] Colorado Republicans only care about the rich getting richer, even when it hurts the rest of us. Their only plan for the economy is to hand out even more tax breaks to the billionaire class and CEOs who are already making record profits, even as they vote against tax cuts for middle class families. And now, instead of cracking down on price gouging, Colorado Republicans are protecting the giant corporations and Big Oil CEOs who are taking advantage of COVID by jacking-up prices on working Coloradans.

The survey admits Republicans are strong when it comes to critical current issues, like the economy, cost of living, crime and jobs.

Which explains why Democrats in charge refuse to do anything about any of those problems, to instead focus on the issues that will get them reelected. 

To be fair, Democrats polled cared most about climate change, abortion, followed by fair elections and protecting Democracy. So the phony baloney J6 hearings staged during the month of primary elections seems to be working in their favor.

Republicans cared most about having good paying jobs, strenghtening the economy, reducing crime and the rising cost of living. 

Interestingly, while it looks like Democrat messaging is going over well with white progressive voters, not so much with Hispanic voters. 

Global Strategy Group conducted the survey among a sample of 800 registered voters in Colorado, plus an oversample of 150 voters in Adams County for a total of 214 interviews with Adams County voters, between June 2 and June 8, 2022.

Our take-away, if Colorado Democrats run a nasty campaign on lies and deception and use Progress Now’s political playbook, they can hold onto their power and continue doing jack zip to get our economy moving in the right direction.