Election denial was a losing narrative for the Colorado media, which continues to deceive its readers by pretending this was all that Republican candidates and voters cared about in the GOP primary election.

It’s like the headline writers from the Denver Post, Colorado Sun, and CPR all attended the same theme party on how to make Republicans appear shallow and stupid.

Not a single one of those campaigns in the headlines ran on a message of election denial.

The only candidates who should, or did run on voter integrity, were the Colorado Secretary of State candidates. One, a little more enthusiastic than others in that race, in her belief that our elections are not safeguarded. And then Tina Peters went overboard.

Try as they might, the progressive media puppets could not make Peters the poster child of the Republican Party. She’s just a tragic victim of her own circumstances who will soon be judged by a jury of her peers.

Conspiracies by supporters and refusals by some candidates to accept election outcomes is not unique to the 2020 presidential election or the Republican Party. Just ask Democrat Al Gore and his hanging chads.

Or Hillary Clinton, who still insists she was robbed by Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

Republican candidates were pretty much united in this primary election on issues that mattered most to Coloradans — runaway inflation, record gas prices that jack-up the cost of everything, the continuing scarcity of baby formula, the spike in crime and drug overdoses, not to mention the heartbreaking border crisis that is literally killing people.

Election integrity should be a concern for every voter, and it is certainly one among many of Republicans.

But it’s past time the Colorado media got a gripe on their own denial of reality and started paying attention to the issues voters really care about, not the ones progressives exaggerate and exploit in the hopes it will make their political enemies look ignorant.