Why is Mr. Brittany Pettersen still working for the Denver Post writing radical political columns on what’s left of the paper’s editorial page praising his wife’s political contributions while she campaigns for Congress in the 7th District?

That seems like a mammoth conflict of interest for a newspaper that has long pretended to be an unbiased source of news.

The Denver Post has allowed Mr. Brittany Pettersen, who writes under his maiden name, Ian Silverii, to continue writing his column long after she announced her campaign in early January, without any mention at all that his mere presence in the Ivory Tower constitutes a thorny ethical issue.

They decided sometime in March he just needed to add a disclaimer at the very bottom of the column, presuming anyone actually reads that far, then it was okay for him to wax partisan on the greatness of his wife’s legislative efforts. 

Like this column, where he blinded readers with the illusion the legislature had done great things to get opioids off the streets to stop overdose deaths, in what readers will later learn through campaign literature was a bill sponsored by Pettersen. 

It’s all such a wild conflict of interest.

We suspect it won’t be long before the progressive, activist news media just skips the middleman altogether and awards candidates and elected officials their own paid newspaper columns.