Has anyone thanked the Democrat Party for blowing millions of their own money in an effort to manipulate the GOP primary outcome to the Dems advantage?

Because all of their efforts have backfired, spectacularly.

Political prognosticators who make a living by testing the winds of change are already forecasting stormy seas ahead for Colorado’s Democrat U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet. 

Roll Call has already changed their ratings for the November General Election and report the victory by Joe O’Dea means Bennet now faces a tougher race. 

But the Colorado Senate race is going to be competitive and we’re changing the rating from Solid Democratic to Likely Democratic.


Republicans need a net gain of just one seat nationwide to reclaim the Senate majority. Even with O’Dea as the nominee, Colorado still sits behind Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, and New Hampshire on the list of GOP takeover opportunities. It’s ahead of Washington and other states.

Roll Call seems to think Gov. Polis’s popularity is so strong that Bennet can still skate to victory on his coattails. 

They obviously missed Coloradan’s reaction to the governor when he appeared at the Stanley Cup celebration Thursday. 

Those boos speak volumes about Polis’s so-called popularity.