Half of America today will celebrate our Independence from England and the establishment of this free country, which came on the heels of a bloody Revolutionary War with a kingdom from across the great pond.

The other half will sulk and throw childish temper tantrums, demean our history and founding, then call us all racists and demand pride in gender over pride in our freedom and democratic republic.

It’s the difference between American pride, and American privilege taken to the extreme.

And speaking of American privilege, U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet is wasting no time after the primary election to lock in his campaign message of division over unity, while promising welfare checks instead of a strong economy.


Bennet’s decided to run against Trump instead of running to bring Coloradans together.

While fanning the flames of January 6, Bennet and Democrats are trying to convince us that Trump wanted to storm the Capitol and somehow commit treason.

While at the same time, Bennet and Democrats are using Roe v. Wade as an excuse to actually topple the Supreme Court and reduce it to political machinery  — much like they’ve already done to law and order across America, where criminals are no longer jailed and punished for committing crimes.

Democrats are running this year on some of the most unAmerican platforms and ideals this country has seen since communism and the Cold War.

And today, we’re celebrating our freedom to say all that. For now.