Colorado Democrats have a bad habit of abandoning their constituents for extended periods of time in favor of selfish pursuits of power and prestige through futile presidential primary runs.

U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet went MIA during the 2020 presidential race until it was clear he was never going to break that 2% support barrier.

John Hickenlooper at least waited eight weeks from his last day as governor until announcing his presidential run and hitting the campaign trail, although he had been campaigning behind the scenes for quite some time.

As the Democrat Party’s Miss Congeniality, Hick was ultimately donned with a sash and awarded a U.S. Senate seat.

Which brings us to Dianne Primavera, whom most Coloradans have long forgotten serves as Jared Polis’s lieutenant governor.

It’s time we got to know more about her, because if Polis is reelected governor, we expect him to follow party tradition and completely abandon Coloradans for the presidential trail of futility.

The Washington Times reports that ambitious Democrats are already positioning themselves by raising money and making visits to early primary states.

Experts say the scale of the shadow campaign is unprecedented by the standards of recent political history.

The maneuvering is taking place in both public and throughout the media. In recent weeks, stories and op-eds have popped up about potential 2024 contenders, including speculation that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is ready to step in and lead the Democratic Party if needed.

Also mentioned are AOC and California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who is running for reelection, but just released an ad in Florida attacking Ron DeSantis.

Polis has been making it known for months he wants a shot at Biden’s soon-to-be-vacated seat, as we reported here, and here.

Democrats might not have a problem with their politicians campaigning for office elsewhere on Colorado’s taxpayer dollars, but voters are getting weary of having their problems ignored by their elected officials.

So Coloradans should be fully aware that a vote for Polis for governor is really a vote for Primavera to sit and do nothing until the boss slinks back home a year or so later with his whipped tail between his legs.