More than 700 vehicles are stolen every week in Colorado.

But never fear, fellow travelers. If you depend on your vehicle to get to your job, take elderly relatives to the doctor, or you live in your car, the state’s top defender of law and order has a solution for you!

Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser confirms our worst expectations, which is that he and the other Democrats who have complete control of our state have no intention of catching, prosecuting, or punishing criminals anymore.

Enforcing the law is mean, Democrats proclaim and only Republicans* are so mean as to actually put people in jail just for breaking some stupid law, like grand auto theft.

Weiser is up for reelection and faces Republican John Kellner in the November General Election.

It’s not going over well at all with his followers on social media.

Weiser’s solution of let them eat cake, and buy insurance, is not a law and order strategy, and as campaign strategies goes it’s the worst we’ve seen this season.

*Aurora Councilman Dustin Zvonek is working to pass a law that ensures car thieves see jail time as punishment for breaking the law. Because without law and order, there is only anarchy