Democrat U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet is campaigning on a claim that he’s all about leaving Colorado in better shape than he found it.

That would be an accurate description, if Bennet were a fireman and the state was already engulfed in flames before he arrived on the scene.

But as the Colorado Springs Gazette explains in its Sunday editorial, Colorado was in better shape before Bennet came along.

Since Bennet returned to his hometown of Washington as an appointed senator in 2009, Colorado has given him 13 years in which to leave Colorado better than he found it.


In 2009, Colorado was a famously safe, relatively affordable, low-crime environment. This was a fun and peaceful place to visit and live. Today, we’re known globally as a high-crime druggie state that makes Amsterdam seem like Utah. To drive through Denver is to drive through a landscape of homeless encampments. In a more sincere and relevant ad, Bennet would walk along a Colorado sidewalk littered with tents and propose a solution.

That’s the ad his Republican Senate opponent, Joe O’Dea, should be taping and putting on a loop — Bennet’s trail of tears and the tattered tents of the hopeless and homeless across our landscape.

Because Bennet and the Democrat Party have made a real mess of things.

We’re experiencing a self-inflicted energy crisis that is crippling the economy and forcing families not on welfare to cut back on groceries.

The supply chain hit a brick wall.

The workforce is dwindling while welfare spending is through the roof, as Bennet campaigns on putting even more families on the government tit rather than fixing the economy.

Crime is rampant, and punishment is forbidden except for Republicans — or as Democrats are rebranding us, evil and deplorable racists.

We’re still in a pandemic, and don’t even get us started on what kids are learning in schools these days.

Bennet’s idea of leaving us better than he found us is having Democrats in control of Colorado and Washington while they burn our country to the ground.