For one stunning moment, it appeared the left’s chief propogandist at 9News was off his meds and dabbling in the dark arts of Republicanism when he called out Secretary of State Jena Griswold for being a liar as well as a hyper partisan hack.

Griswold went too far in a recent fundraising pitch by suggesting her Republican opponent Pam Anderson was an election denier, which is a pejorative term used by the media and Democrats to make fun of Tina Peters and weaken the Republican Party.

Anderson is not an election denier, nor does she cater to voters who insist on living in the past and rehashing the validity of losing elections, whether it was Trump’s Hillary Clinton’s, or Al Gore’s.

Anderson is a professional with a clean record of running elections, and unlike Griswold, she does not interject progressive politics into the job.

Kyle Clark actually recognized Anderson’s professionalism and called Griswold’s ad “misleading.”

Just when it appeared he was making sense, Clark lapsed into partisan double-speak and proclaimed Griswold’s fundraising pitch was “factually accurate.”

The ad also declares that “Jena is honest, committed and trustworthy.” But how can that be factually accurate when she is misleading voters into believing her opponent is anti-democratic?

For this fact-check failure, Clark and 9News deserve the dreaded liar, liar, rating.