Just hours before the surprise announcement this week that U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin had agreed to a $369 billion tax and spend package, U.S. Sen. John Hickenlooper wanted absolutely nothing to do with the West Virginia Democrat.

Hickenlooper’s Senate office was vehemently denying a Colorado Public Radio report the Denver Democrat had agreed to open his Colorado home for an event with Manchin in the coming weeks.

It was a political mystery, public radio reported.

Hickenlooper’s office flatly denied the invitation circulated by No Labels suggesting Hick was big buddies with the errant Democrat who had drawn the anger of many in the party by blocking the massive inflation-inducing climate package.

Spokesperson Alyssa Roberts offered no explanation for why a prominent outside group would advertise an event with the senator to influential Coloradans.


“There was never an event planned with No Labels and Senator Hickenlooper will not be hosting an event for Senator Manchin,” Roberts reiterated in an email on Tuesday.

But just hours later, it was revealed that Manchin had agreed to vote for the bill, which imposes more than $6 billion in additional fees on the oil and gas industry over the next decade.

It’s a terrible piece of legislation that will only cripple our economy further and burden consumers with even higher prices for gas, food, and pretty much everything.

But now all of a sudden, not only were Hickenlooper and Manchin pals, but Hick was actually taking credit for convincing Manchin and his coal state constituents of West Virginia to embrace the billion-dollar giveaway to the electric car and Korean solar industry folks.

One minute Hick wanted nothing to do with Manchin, the next minute they were thick as thieves. A political mystery, indeed.

From the New York Times:

Two weeks ago, when even Mr. Biden seemed to be writing an obituary for climate legislation, a small group of lawmakers continued to work with Mr. Manchin. Several Democrats and climate activists credited Senator John Hickenlooper of Colorado with helping to keep open the lines of communication with Mr. Manchin.


“He never told me he was done, and I said as long as Joe Manchin is at the table, I’m at the table,” Mr. Hickenlooper said.

Just to be clear, the alleged table was not in Hickenlooper’s home.

But we’re guessing Hickenlooper will be rolling out the red blue carpet now for Manchin to visit his Denver residence, with lots of media attention, and a probably a fundraiser.

After, they have a lot in common now, representing states rich with fossil fuels that are once again taking a hit from the Democrat Party and at the expense of consumers, in a vain effort to maintain control and power in Washington, D.C.