We’re going to take Boulder state Rep. Edie Hooten at her word that nothing is amiss in her decision to withdraw from the election just days before a deadline to get another Democrat on the ballot. We just don’t believe her.

The excuse:

My husband Jim retired three years ago, and I want to spend more time with him and my adult children and pursue personal interests.

Aside from her conflicting reasoning that she’s going to spend time with family and pursue personal interests, her explanation for the timing of her decision doesn’t pass the smell test.

She decided not to seek a final term after ballots were mailed June 6, and yet she waited until after her fundraiser nearly two months later to share her news?

Kindergartners can come up with more believable excuses for eating glue.

The law requires 30-day notice for the party to pick another candidate, which by Hooten’s timing will be Sept. 2. The deadline to get names on the ballot is Sept. 9.

Hooten’s reasons and excuses are clearly bunk, but we don’t expect her friends in the Democrat media to bother reporting on it.

Whomever the party picks in private to be the new state representative for Boulder will skate to victory over the token Republican candidate, who is William DeOreo.

It’s not like Democrats really care about Democracy or that they were deprived of their rightful vote in choosing their state rep.