The stench of desperation dripping from Washington Democrats is so overpowering we can smell it from out here.

Colorado’s elder statesmen of the Democrat Party, former Gov. Roy Romer and former U.S. Sen. Gary Hart, are telling them to hit the showers and stop meddling in this kind of muckraking racket of gutter politics.

Politico reports the Coloradans and some other notable Democrat names nationally blistered Democrat PACs for continuing to squander millions on Republican primary races to elevate conservatives over moderates.

The practice is beneath their dignity, they claim without a snicker. And besides, it keeps backfiring and the strongest Republican candidates are emerging from GOP primaries to take on vulnerable Democrats.

“These destructive primary tactics aim to elevate Republican candidates who Democrats hope they can more easily beat in November. But it is risky and unethical to promote any candidate whose campaign is based on eroding trust in our elections. We must stop this practice, and stop today.”

National Democrats wasted $4 million in Colorado with the intention of blocking Joe O’Dea from the GOP Senate nomination to face off against Democrat U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, who is one of the top 10 most vulnerable Democrats up for reelection.

Another $1.5 million was blown to foil Heidi Ganahl’s Republican primary win to take on Democrat Gov. Jared Polis.

The Democrat Party is vividly aware their candidates haven’t been this vulnerable in more than a century when they fought on the losing side of the Civil War against Republican Abe Lincoln.

Stuck with Joe Biden, who will surely go down as the worst president in American history, Democrats’ only chance of survival is to keep voters living in the past so they are blind to the present.

It’s the purpose behind the Jan. 6 hearings charade to characterize Republicans as terrorists, and elevating sore election losers from 2020 to sinister-sounding conspiracy theorists they’ve labeled as “election deniers.”

Democrats put all their efforts into demonizing Republicans, then spent several million dollars to try and get those same Republicans elected.

That’s how stupid they think Republicans are.