The Democrat Party is so screwed, even Public Radio is willing to admit that campaign ads linking candidates to Worst Ever President Biden is a recipe for certain defeat this fall.

Worse than negative ads, commercials airing in Colorado are “attack ads” on Democrat U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, reports Colorado Public Radio.

The attack ad shows an image of Bennet morphing into Biden and notes Bennet has voted with Biden 98 percent of the time. According to polls, a majority of Americans — and Coloradans — have an unfavorable view of Biden’s job performance.

Quelle horreu!

Bennet’s campaign is pushing back by insisting the ads are misleading.

Honest to God, that’s their defense.

Spokeswoman Georgina Beven countered the $500,000 ad supporting Joe O’Dea by touting Bennet’s $600,000 ad of the senator fly fishing with an unaffiliated voter who brags that he is not a Democrat.

What next for Bennet? “Democrats Suck” lapel pins?

We have extra we’re willing to part with, for a price.