Denver Police haven’t caught up with the suspect who stole a pickup truck and later shot and killed a Subaru Outback driver on I-70 Sunday that appears to be an act of road rage.

The murdering thief crashed the stolen vehicle during the shooting and fled on foot.

Police are asking for help in locating the driver, while Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser is busy running for reelection on consumer issues and his passion for the state’s abortion law.

The Republican candidate for attorney general, John Kellner, faced off against Weiser in a forum friendly to Democrats Tuesday and pointed to skyrocketing crime rates in Colorado that include motor vehicle thefts as well as fentanyl overdose deaths that were among his top concerns.

“Crime is crushing Coloradans,” Kellner said. “It is soft in crime policies and laws … that have led us to where we are when it comes to crime.”

A video surfaced last week of Weiser dismissing the need to prosecute and jail criminals accused of grand theft auto, until they’ve stolen their third or fourth vehicle in as many months.

Contrary to Weiser’s claim, George Brauchler writes that Jefferson County vehicle thefts actually spiked 26% — the largest increase in the metro Denver area — and it’s Weiser’s disastrous policies that caused it.

“In large part, the policies advanced by Colorado’s governor, attorney general, legislature and a handful of progressive prosecutors have created an environment so permissive of crime, and tolerable and welcoming to those who commit it that, in a mere 10 years, Colorado’s rate of motor vehicle theft has gone from less than the national average to leading every state in America.”

The political forum in Aurora was organized by Democratic state Sen. Rhonda Fields and moderated by the senator’s daughter, nurse and political activist Marisha Fields, along with Whitney Traylor, who is a legal analyst for 9News.

From the limited media coverage of the event, it does not appear the attorney general was even asked about his controversial comments.