A Denver Post headline this week says a new poll shows Aspen Democrat Adam Frisch is “within striking distance” of defeating Lauren Boebert for the Western Slope congressional seat.

Just for future random reference, striking distance of a three-foot rattlesnake is two feet.

The Denver Post headline takes Frisch’s word that striking distance to bring down Boebert is seven percentage points with only two months before ballots are mailed.

However, Boebert actually won her last reelection by six percentage points in 2020 against Democrat Diane E. Mitsch Bush.

For those of you recently educated in public schools where math is apparently no longer taught, Frisch is therefore losing.

Someone should explain it to him.

Lauren Boebert challenger Adam Frisch says new poll shows him within striking distance for a seat in Congress

In true tabloid fashion, while the Denver Post headline screams that he’s winning, the actual story includes this tidbit of reality:

For that race Boebert, of Silt, raised nearly $3 million to Mitsch Bush’s $5 million. This time around the tables have turned and the incumbent has raised $5.4 million to Frisch’s $2.6 million, campaign finance records filed at the end of June indicate.

And also:

Despite multiple controversies during her first term, Boebert has repeatedly proved able to hold on to a sizable chunk of voters in her district.

Long story short, Frisch is not within striking distance of beating Boebert.