Colorado reporters are working overtime to link GOP senatorial candidate Joe O’Dea to Donald Trump. This week it’s to determine if O’Dea would support Trump in 2024 if he won the party’s nomination.

Supporting the nominee of one’ s own political party is quite a different question than whether one supports a specific individual.

The media understand that distinction. But they also know any mention of Trump terrifies their fellow Democrats and many unaffiliated voters, and that’s the purpose of their questions — to scare voters away from Republican candidates and affect the election outcome.

Completely missing in the coverage of these Democracy Deniers is any questioning of U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet as to whether he would vote for President Biden again, supports him now or believes he is mentally fit to serve.

We would argue the here and now is much important than whom a candidate might support in two years.

Forecasting the future of news is for TV meteorologists. Journalists should be reporting the news of the day.

And today, voters want to know if Senate candidate believe Mr. President Right Now is doing a good job, and whether these candidates will support Mr. President Right Now’s agenda.

Are Senate candidates concerned about Biden’s mental capacity to lead, are they worried America now looks weak to foreign enemies who might wish us harm?

Those are legit questions and voters would like to know the answers.

The Colorado media should be asking both candidates.