The Colorado media let Democrat senators skate on whether President Biden should run, or is even fit to run, for reelection in 2024.

Unlike Republican candidates who have been subjected to a barrage of “what ifs” regarding former President Trump since campaigns were announced last year, Colorado Democrats finally got their first question this week.

Their answers were so carefully parsed, one would think they were being asked if they had sex, “with that woman.”

U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet, who is up for reelection in less than 90 days, says he would support Biden beating Trump again.

That’s not much of an endorsement.

Back in olden times, when a person called themselves a “yellow dog Democrat,” it meant they would vote for a yellow dog before they would dare vote Republican.

Well, today’s Demon Democrats would vote for the devil himself before casting a ballot for  Trump.

Try again, media, and ask if they think Biden should run, period. Also, if they think he is mentally capable of serving another term.

U.S. Sen. John Hickenlooper also copped out, but Axios Denver described their responses as “unequivocal in backing President Biden’s re-election ambitions.”

Judge for yourself:

“If he runs, I think he’ll beat Donald Trump again. … And I would support him in beating Donald Trump again,” Sen. Michael Bennet said in response to a question from Axios.

“It’s his decision if he wants to run for re-election, and I will support him every way I can,” John Hickenlooper added.

Why it matters: Backing your own party’s first-term president is usually so automatic that no one would bother to ask, our colleagues write. But behind the scenes, there’s a very real concern that going all in on Biden could be a mistake.

Axios is right about why it matters, but if this is what constitutes as unequivocal backing among Democrats, the party is in worse shape than we thought.