Wayne Williams should be ashamed of himself.

The former Colorado Secretary of State appears in a television ad with current Secretary Jena Griswold in a blatant campaign ad that’s disguised as a PSA and paid for with taxpayer dollars.

Williams, a Republican who was defeated by Griswold in 2018, now serves on the Colorado Springs City Council.

Normally, appearing with your (former) foe in a public service announcement would be a warm and fuzzy, bipartisany-looking move.

Unless that foe, as in this case, was a wretched political hack like Griswold who has shamelessly politicized the office and chased away professional staff in droves because she’s widely rumored to be an insufferable boss.

This thinly disguised reelection ad is so blatantly obvious, that even 9News’s Kyle Clark was compelled to call it out and question how much it cost taxpayers.

Meanwhile, Matt Connelly over at Campfire Colorado has a phone call in to Williams to ask what the Hell he was thinking.

As far as we know, Williams is still a registered Republican, but we will be reaching out to him today for more information on why he chose to star in this ad for Griswold.

In the ad, Williams echoes liberal Democrat talking points by ambiguously saying he has concerns over “election disinformation” and that it’s “designed to look real so always use trusted sources.”

If Williams didn’t mean to tacitly endorse Griswold’s reelection, he should say now, because it sure looks like it.