Democrat hack Jena Griswold blew $1 million taxpayer dollars for an ad that first aired during a Broncos game, prompting an official campaign finance complaint, a petition to remove the ad, and cries of fowl from official progressive media.

Colorado’s Secretary of State has a nasty habit of playing politics with her office and spending taxpayer dollars to promote herself.

Griswold’s Republican opponent for the office, Pam Anderson is circulating a petition telling her to take down the highly questionable political ad, that also features former GOP Secretary of State Wayne Williams.

Colorado families are suffering from high inflation and more expensive consumer goods. The last thing they want to see is a self-promoting politician using our tax dollars to prop up their campaign. In her four years in office, Jena Griswold has spent almost $4 million dollars running TV ads featuring herself.


Sign the petition below and tell Jena Griswold to take down this ad and return those taxpayer dollars.


This isn’t about you Jena, it’s about public service. Coloradans deserve better.

Griswold was called out by Kyle Clark of 9News after the ad first appeared on his station during a Broncos game. Clark didn’t mention how much that ad cost, but later reported the Democrat had spent more than $1 million to produce and air this one spot using federal taxpayer dollars.

Peak followed up with a report on the campaign finance violation complaint, and we called on Griswold to take down the ad.

The Aurora Sentinel editorial board, which sits somewhere to the political left of Venezuela and the former USSR, even questioned Griswold’s ad and echoed our call, in their own way, to take it down.

The anti-disinformation message behind Griswold’s TV commercial blunder is sound and badly needed, but not like this.

Griswold’s campaign should suspend the unfair ads and remake them, either with Anderson, or entirely different bi-partisan trusted sources who can build confidence instead of criticism.

Meanwhile, Williams told Colorado Politics that his appearance in the ad with Griswold is not an endorsement of her reelection campaign, for which folks will start getting ballots in a couple of months to vote.

Williams says his concern is that an effort is afoot to suppress Republican voter turnout.

Noting that his appearance in the videos with Griswold “is very clearly not an endorsement” of the Democrat’s candidacy, Williams emphasized that he supports Anderson and has campaigned for her.


“I have a concern that folks are trying to suppress Republican turnout,” he said. “You’ve seen what I believe is in some ways an intentional act by some to suppress Republicans from voting, so it’s important that a Republican be part of the message that our elections are secure — you need to vote, and you need to make your voice heard. I want Coloradans to know they should vote.”

By appearing alongside the very Democrat who has so politicized the Secretary of State’s office that many don’t trust her, Williams thought … well he didn’t really think it through very well, at all, did he?

Meanwhile, Griswold still needs to pull that ad.