President Biden threw a party on the White House lawn Tuesday to celebrate plummeting stock prices, escalating food prices and his so-called Inflation Reduction Act that threatens to cripple our energy sector and further tank the economy.

Colorado’s U.S. Sen. John Hickenlooper was there with “a thousand of his closest friends” to help Democrats thwart reality.

Colorado’s other U.S. Senator who is up for reelection also glossed right over the economic news of the day and pretended the bill will save the planet from climate change rather than continue to make energy unaffordable for working Americans.

Instead of partying on the White House lawn, Biden and Senate Democrats should be dealing with the impending freight rail strike that threatens to cause even more catastrophes.

Even CNN piled on:

A stoppage would be a disaster since it could cost several billions of dollars a day and further clog supply chains that already contributed to the rising inflation that have hurt so many Americans this year. Food shortages could occur, sending prices of staple goods soaring once again.


Presidents often cannot control the economy’s trajectory, but it was an inopportune matter of scheduling that Biden was on Tuesday thumping Democratic chests on a bill that pours hundreds of billions more dollars into an already overheating economy.

If the Colorado media could divert their attention to these matters, rather than carrying the Democrat Party’s election playbook, that would be great.

Meanwhile, Democrats have allegedly been reducing the price of prescription drugs since Obamacare fixed all that 12 years ago, so excuse us if we’re not buying the talking points.