Democrats here are the party of the rich, as evidenced by the overflowing campaign war chests that are funding reelection efforts in Colorado.

An analysis by Axios Denver reports most of the statewide candidates have 13 times as much cash on hand as their opponents, including millionaire Jared Polis who’s poured more than $7 million into his own race.

Polis and the progressive media’s Republican opponent, Heidi Ganahl, has $188,000 cash on hand to get her over the finish line, plus whatever money she can raise between now and Nov. 8.

Democrat Attorney General and crime coach Phil Weiser has $1 million, while the Republican challenger John Kellner only has $91,000 but is running a strong campaign against the incumbent who claims he’s not so much the state’s top law enforcement chief, but a crime coach, whatever the Hell that means.

Jena Griswold, the most politicized Secretary of State in Colorado history, has $712,000 in the bank, plus she’s spending millions of taxpayer dollars to run questionable ads boosting her campaign platform.

Republican challenger Pam Anderson is in the fight of her life, and down to $33,000.

The Democrats’ obvious strategy to hold onto power when all around them the world is falling to shit, is simply to buy the election.