Is it important for the media to report that the man accused of being drunk behind the wheel and killing Weld County Sheriff’s Deputy Alexis Hein-Nutz in a hit and run accident Sunday was in this country illegally?

Because the Colorado media doesn’t seem to think so, and have completely buried key information from Weld County Sheriff Steve Reams that suspect Norberto Garcia-Gonzales is in the country illegally “as evidenced by a falsified Green Card and a fake Social Security Card recovered from his vehicle” after he fled the scene.

It’s important enough for some in the media to include in the headline, just not the progressive media in the U.S.

The suspect’s status as an illegal immigrant is important to the story, because illegal immigration is one of the top polled issues that Americans say is key to how they will vote in the November election that could tilt power in D.C. from left to right.

Voters clearly don’t approve of the “Just Run Right Over the Border” policy of President Biden and the Democrat Party.

If the Colorado media report the suspect in a hit-and-run death of a beloved law enforcement officer was in this country illegally, they might have to actually do their job and ask elected officials to comment on the problems caused by our open borders, like drug smuggling, crime, and the tragic death of Weld County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Alexis Hein-Nutz.

But Democrats don’t want to talk about that. And neither do the media.