The priorities of U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet are completely out of whack with Coloradans and reality, which explains why he’s ducking issues of key importance to voters in the November election.

Bennet and President Biden refuse to curb their spending habits with taxpayer dollars, which keeps inflating our economy while driving the country straight into a recession.

Bennet refuses to address the importance of getting people back to work and getting small businesses back on track.

Our senator refuses to address the growing crime wave, drug overdoses, and wide-open borders that are at the heart of so many other problems.

Instead, Bennet wants more IRS agents to come for our paychecks to continue his big-spending ways.

“Colorado’s upset about it. Democrats don’t seem to care. And this is an issue I’m running on. We need to close this border down. We need to get control of our cities. I’d like to see us start to reinvest some of the money from the thousands of IRS agents instead of growing a bureaucracy. Let’s put that money into our communities,” O’Dea said.

O’Dea is right, Americans can’t afford this shake down anymore by the Democrat-controlled Senate, House, and White House.