Despite the best efforts of the mainstream media to distract voters from the tanking economy, Colorado’s GOP candidate running in the 8th congressional district scored a national forum recently to focus on the real issues that matter.

Barbara Kirkmeyer told Fox News that what she hears when going door-to-door to meet voters are concerns about energy insecurity, the cost of living, keeping their jobs, and 401k retirement plans.

“We are in a tailspin,” Kirkmeyer told host Dana Perino, who worked for two former Colorado congressmen before becoming White House press secretary.

“My opponent, along with Joe Biden because they’re both in this together, have done everything they can to kill the fossil fuel industry,” Kirkmeyer said.

Kirkmeyer’s Democrat opponent is state Rep. Yadira Caraveo of Thornton.

“This district sits right on top of one of the most productive oil and gas fields in the nation. We’ve lost thousands of jobs, great paying jobs in the last two years thanks to my opponent, thanks to Joe Biden. So no longer are we energy independent,” Kirkmeyer said.

Watch the entire interview here:

Democrats are banking on Hispanic voters, who make up 39% of the new district,  to push this election across the finish line for them.

And yet, polling trends this entire election season show Hispanics aren’t happy with Biden and the direction Democrats are taking the U.S.

With about half of the U.S. Hispanic population identifying as Catholic, Democrats can’t count on winning hearts and minds with their single-issue campaign that abortion-until-the-moment-of-birth is all that should matter to Americans.

When asked by host Bill Hemmer how she appeals to Hispanic constituents for their votes, Kirkmeyer said it’s the same as her appeal to every voter in the district because we are all concerned about the same issues.

“The issues are the same regardless of which door I go to. It’s about the inflation the cost of living. We’re now energy dependent instead of energy independent, we need to secure our border, we have a Fentanyl crisis in this state. The list just goes on and on.”

Kirkmeyer gets it.

The major problems this country faces are not specific to race, sex, religion, or which member of the alphabet mafia one represents, as Democrats would have us divided.

What we all need are jobs and a roof over our heads, along with energy security to heat those homes and travel to jobs, with enough money left over to buy groceries and pay our bills.

It’s the economy, stupid.