The Gazette newspapers has endorsed Heidi Ganahl over Gov. Polis in the gubernatorial race, citing the Democrat governor’s failure to act on a list of critical issues so long that it reads like a Christmas letter to Santa Claus.

Dear Governor Santa Polis, it read:

Please do something about crime, homelessness, the housing and labor shortage, transportation, inflation, energy polices and inflated gas costs, and teach our children to read instead of hate.

If you don’t, the elves will revolt and elect Heidi Ganahl to replace you.


Colorado Voters

Recognizing that Colorado could have done a lot worse with Polis at the helm, given the current trajectory of the radical Democrat Party to land somewhere left of socialism, The Gazette correctly notes our state of the state is far less great under Polis’s leadership for having failed on all of those issues, and more.

Despite the governor’s achievements, we are not better off than when Polis took office. Colorado needs change, and Heidi Ganahl is the exact person at the right time to make us the best state in which to live.


Polis has a promising future, but we need better results for the next four years. Elect Ganahl, a strong woman who will better protect children and families, cut taxes, attack the fentanyl crisis, improve our roads and get students learning to read again. Thank Polis for his service and elect Ganahl.

Ganahl is fighting an uphill battle but has done so graciously while under fire from Polis’s attack dogs that make up a vast majority of the Front Range media.

Campaigning as a “pissed off mom” who’s had enough of the Polis regime, Ganahl has strong grassroots support and a message that resonates with most Colorado voters.

She just doesn’t have Polis’s millions to get her message past Polis’s media hounds and into the living rooms of voters.

Read more about her campaign and the endorsement here.