Former U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner has endorsed Erik Aadland for the 7th Congressional District seat being vacated by Ed Perlmutter.

Perlmutter is one of 32 Democrats who announced their retirement this year upon realizing their House majority was doomed and Republicans would likely sweep the November election.

In his endorsement, Gardner said Coloradans deserve a battle-tested leader who will listen and fight for them in Washington, D.C.

“Erik is a man of principle who has lived by a core set of values his whole life. He was born into a military family, graduated from West Point, fought for America in the War Against Terrorism, and now he’s running to serve our great nation in Washington. A warrior like him is exactly who we need to bridge the divides and fight for our values. We need to get America back on track and it starts by electing Erik Aadland.”

Gardner’s faith in Aadland to get this country back on course and look after Colorado’s best interests is significant and will boost Aadland’s support across the board.

It also serves as a reminder to voters that had they turned out for Gardner’s reelection and blocked John Hickenlooper’s win, Republicans would still have the Senate majority and our country wouldn’t be in this economic mess.

Hickenlooper piddles on his banjo as nation’s economy crashes and burns.