The architect of the Contract with America and the historic sweep that put Republicans in charge of Congress after 40 years of wandering in the wilderness predicts Joe O’Dea can beat Democrat incumbent U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich summarizes in a Fox News commentary that in addition to being a solid and qualified candidate, O’Dea’s strength is that he is not that guy Joe Biden, or Biden’s enabling buddy, Bennet.

Americans and Coloradans are wanting a change from what they’ve seen in the last two years and are ready to kick out the incumbents for someone who can do better. Much better.

O’Dea recognizes the Senate race is a referendum on Biden’s policies and Bennet’s rubber stamp and has pledged his loyalty to Colorado rather than a political party asserting that neither will control him.

Gingrich notes:

O’Dea defined himself as a construction CEO – not a politician or a partisan. However, O’Dea’s greatest advantage is Bennet’s voting record. Sen. Bennet has voted with President Biden and the national Democrats 98 percent of the time.


This means Bennet owns rampant inflation and the growing recession. He owns rising crime – including in Denver and Boulder – skyrocketing fentanyl deaths, and the wide-open southern border. Bennett owns continued anger over schools indoctrinating children with weird values and ideas. The list goes on.


There is a real possibility that most Coloradans are going to say “this just isn’t working.” At that point, you will have Sen. O’Dea of Colorado in January.

Many Coloradans are anxious to retire the cause of our many problems today, and Democrat policies are inflicting more damage than anyone could have imagined just two short years ago.

We’re due for a good surprise.