Gov. Polis has made it his mission to shut down the production and use of fossil fuel energy and transform Colorado into a Dystopian state where only those who can afford the expensive new energy will have direct access to it.

This transformation requires us all to ditch our reliable and affordable gas cars for wildly expensive and unreliable electric vehicles.

And yet megabucks millionaire Polis, being the hypocrite we know him to be, still rides around in the very gas-guzzling SUVs which his tony leftist friends blame for natural weather phenomenon, which has existed since humans began recording history thousands of years ago but is now known as world-ending climate change.

In a complete break with reality, Polis audaciously attacked his Republican challenger Heidi Ganahl during their first debate last week for driving an electric vehicle. 

The bizarre moment came when Ganahl told Polis that single moms who must work more than one job just to pay the bills can’t afford to buy a Tesla or rely totally on public transportation.

Polis fired back in an accusatory manner as if to shame her: “Well, I thought you drive a Tesla, don’t you?”

“Not everybody can afford a Tesla, like my opponent,” Polis bizarrely tried to shame her.

 “Well, you can,” replied Ganahl.

And yet, he does not.

Ganahl’s family also uses two regular, gas-powered cars, in addition to an electric vehicle.

According to Colorado Public Radio, Polis drives a Ford Escape and is chauffeured around in a Chevy Suburban for his official duties.

With a reported net worth of $400 million he mostly inherited, Polis sought to denigrate Ganahl for using money she earned through entrepreneurial spirit in building, and selling a successful small business, to purchase one of the electric vehicles that Polis and his progressive friends demand that we either be rich enough to buy or take the bus.

Ganahl was right when she shot back that Polis doesn’t even walk his own talk when it comes to ridding the planet of personal, gas-operated vehicles in favor of electric cars.

In typical progressive fashion, the millionaire asked to mooch off the working woman: “Lend me yours … I’ll just borrow yours,” Polis said.