Dear Denver-area Media,

It’s time to talk. Consider this an unofficial intervention.

We’ve noticed that you seem to have a long-running and unhealthy obsession with Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, and we don’t mean in the way AOC thinks every Republican who criticizes her really wants to date her. More like how you secretly love to hate Donald Trump because of what he does for your clicks and ratings.

Contrary to recently released public polls, Boebert does not have a competitive race on her hands. She is a freshman congresswoman in a very Republican, very rural and very safe district. Yet, she maintains an oversized presence in your coverage. Reporter Conrad Swanson, of The Denver Post (which doesn’t even circulate in the 3rd CD!), has run multiple hit pieces on Boebert in recent weeks – one literally accused her of being a Christian nationalist who is a threat to democracy and another was an armchair psychoanalysis of her appeal to voters (voters that Swanson clearly looks down upon).

Radio personality and political commentator Mike Rosen has a great analysis of why Swanson’s coverage is ridiculous that can be found here.

Kyle Clark of 9News shares this same creepy obsession with Boebert, devoting entire monologues to any of her missteps. Axios Denver can’t seem to get enough of her either. And we’re here to say, we understand. Firebrands like Boebert (and Trump) are a great boost for subscribers and ratings – both of which are highly addictive. So, in a way, this isn’t your fault. You’re clearly enjoying the ego boost every time one of your Boebert stories goes viral or gets linked to by a national outlet. Truth be told, she probably enjoys the fundraising bump, too.

So, keep up the good work fellas.

Yours truly,