Voter turnout was crap and Colorado election results are proof that Republicans need to get their house in order from the top down.

We could piss and moan in our, uhm, third cup of Irish coffee this morning about how money and negative ads manipulated voters to hate on those they’ve ironically labeled as haters, but we have work to do.

A wildly progressive Aspenite is within reach of winning the Western Slope, which is a sure sign of the Apocalypse. God have mercy on their souls.

We have that kind of idiocy and four more years of Jared Polis and one-party rule to hold accountable, and relentlessly mock.

It appears as if enough Republicans came to their senses in other states and the U.S. House is on the verge of kicking Speaker Nancy Pelosi to the curb to hand the gavel to Republicans.

And for that, we thank God.

Until Colorado comes to its senses, we will be there for you, PeakNation™, relentlessly covering the crazy that is sure to be Congress couple-elect Mr. and Mrs. Ian Silverii in the 7th District, and all the drama that continues to unfold like a soap opera in Jena Griswold’s Secretary of State office.

We’ll stay on top of all the ethics complaints and investigations of Democrats, like the one pending against U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet’s communications director for breaking Senate rules and soliciting funds for Bennet’s campaign on several occasions.

And with what few Republicans Colorado has left in Congress, surely attention will be paid to upcoming House investigations into the Biden Family shenanigans.

We may be in rocky waters here at home, but it looks like we’ll have Hunter Biden investigations to chew on for the next two years.

And out of Florida, it appears a Republican savior was born.

So stay tuned, stay strong, and keep the conservative faith.