To no one’s surprise except the Denver Post, “election deniers bent on intimidating voters” never materialized in Colorado on Election Day.

It was all just rumor, urban legend, online gossip.

The conspiracy never materialized, much to the media’s disappointment.

The Post followed up on the rumors with a report that no rightwing nuts swarmed the polls as the Post’s anonymous “experts” had predicted.

Got that?

“The surge of highly motivated election deniers intimidating voters or election judges didn’t materialize.”

It’s almost like the story was just a conspiracy theory.

Also, aliens failed to land in Boulder, we think, and Elvis is still dead.

The Post reports:

The election workers had expressed concern that the deniers — part of a nationwide attempt to manufacture evidence of election fraud — would swarm polling places Tuesday. To prepare, clerks ramped up training efforts to help staff de-escalate potential conflicts, tightened security measures and invited deniers into their offices to show them how Colorado’s voting system works.

Executive Director Matt Crane of the Colorado County Clerks Association said for the most part, Election Day went smoothly for county clerks across the state.

“We were very pleasantly surprised, not too many issues across the board,” he said. “I think there may have been a couple of ballot boxes with some aggressive watchers, but certainly nothing like we were expecting quite frankly, which is good.”

The media really should stop giving credence or attention to online rumors and urban legends, lest they become the ones who are guilty of spreading conspiracies. Like this one.

We’re not suggesting they just do it to gin up hate against Republicans to get Democrats elected. They also do it for clicks.