As the dust settles on the 2022 election results, the self-described First Gentleman of the 7th Congressional District has a message for the Republicans his wife Brittany Pettersen will represent in Washington: Screw you, no one likes you.

Such ungraceful winners.

But this is the state of public discourse. Anyone who dares disagree with progressive policies is instantly labeled a hater, a racist, a bigot.

The irony of Ian Silverii hating on Republicans and calling them names, it makes Silverii a hateful human being.

We doubt his crassness is exactly what the 7th District had in mind when they elected his wife.

Most voters probably were not even aware of Silverii’s existence, even though he was a columnist for the Denver Post and a cussing fussybutt on a local political podcast.

But district residents will soon get a glimpse of the whole package as he pushes himself into the limelight with his wife to represent them in Washington.