The political class is forming the usual circular firing squad in op-ed pages across the state and squabbling over who’s to blame for the progressive rut in which Colorado now finds itself until the next election cycle.

Meanwhile, Matt Connelly over at Campfire Colorado is taking his conservative news site on the road to examine the impacts of even more liberal policies on the people of Colorado and search for a conservative way out of this mess.

Touting his effort as a conservative voice for the people, Connelly says he will use his news site to highlight the stories of Coloradans who resist radical policies, and those who have the courage necessary to take back our state from one-party, Democrat control.

Without a doubt, the conservative viewpoint in Colorado’s media ecosystem has become an endangered species in Colorado’s progressive desert of bad ideas.

From Connelly:

Democrats are in control of almost every level of government in Colorado.

The liberal media? They won’t hold them accountable.

And Republicans? They don’t have the power to hold them accountable.

We welcome Connelly to the fight and look forward to reading about the conservative solutions he encounters on his journey.