Brittany Pettersen won’t be sworn in as Colorado’s new congresswoman representing the 7th congressional district until Jan. 3, but already the balls of her obnoxiously progressive husband have been neutered.

Ian Silverii, who pretentiously declared himself to be the First Gentleman of the congressional district after her election win, deleted all the evidence of his radical views and hateful remarks over the weekend so as not to hurt his wife’s political career.

Then like all good progressives, he blamed Elon Musk.

Peak was all set to throw Silverii a going away celebration thinking Christmas had come early, only to learn he didn’t really quit Twitter, he’s just hiding.

He took the trouble to block us, then restricted his account to approved followers only.

He can still be his petulant, foul-mouthed self, but we can’t take screenshots to hold him accountable for his wild opinions.

Reaction to Silverii’s farewell to transparency tweet was swift and snarky:


The satire accounts (for readers who are witless woke, that’s a form of humor) were quick to point out, this is how you Colorado.

With Silverii tucked safely away in an undisclosed Twitter location, Pettersen can now step onto the national stage with her own nutball policy proposals like decriminalizing Fentanyl and legalizing opium dens, aka injection centers.