Brittany’s big debut as the new congressperson for the 7th District turned to fear and trauma this week after witnessing the politics of a leadership race play out on the House floor.

Brittany: The Face of Fear!

Brittany sought solace and guidance from a reassuring figure, whom PeakNation™ will recall was also blocked by wayward Democrats in her campaign for the speaker’s chair when Democrats took control of the House in 2018.

Hello? Social Services?

It was a Coloradan who led the revolt against Pelosi with demands she agree to a two-term limit. The same Coloradan whom Brittany has replaced as the 7th District representative.

Republicans are pushing McCarthy to institute changes in House rules and business as usual in order to earn their support.

Democrats insisted Nancy Pelosi step down from leadership altogether after four years in exchange for their votes.

It’s since been reported Brittany has recovered from the trauma of politics, and is making use of her time on the House floor hyping Jan. 6 in a fundraising letter to Democrats.

We couldn’t find any mention of her previous fundraising pitch this week. We’re betting it was based on this: