In a surprising twist of events, Gov. Polis has sworn off partisan ideology and committed to invoking only practical solutions to all of Colorado’s problems left unresolved from his first term in office.

Polis doesn’t have a particularly good record of practical solutions.

But he did get real results when he forced Colorado to close during the “Bad Times,” the mere mention of which still gets us shadow-banned on Facebook.

Polis’s “practical solutions” put small businesses in the poor house, cost tens of thousands of jobs, and abandoned kids to remote computers costing them years of a proper education.

To get “real results,” Polis literally threatened our lives and said we would die if we didn’t follow his orders.

Just because Democrat governors followed suit doesn’t mean it was some sort of partisan ideology, every other state was just doing it the Colorado way, we are to presume.

Meanwhile, there are still enough Republicans to fill a broom closet for caucus meetings in the state House and Senate, who say their focus this session will be to decrease crime, increase affordability for (glances around the planet) everything, lower energy costs, and fight for parental choice in education.

 Senate Minority Leader Paul Lundeen’s message on the first day of session this week was this:

“It is our duty that the voices of people who find themselves in the minority in this season of Colorado’s history be heard and shared,” Lundeen said. “The saying in this body is that the minority gets their say, and the majority gets their way. But we are intent to do more than just talk. We insist to be full participants in the legislative process in this chamber, and will offer our best, constructive suggestions for making the future laws of this state better.”

If Polis is truly serious about doing things the Colorado way, he should stop polluting the environment with that ridiculous hair dye.

Give us a few minutes, and we can find 100 scientists to sign a letter declaring it a major cause of climate change.