The Denver Post on Thursday reported on whether the 4,000 migrants who have arrived here since Dec. 9 chose Denver because it’s a sanctuary city.

Which is hilarious, because Gov. Polis is insisting they’re not choosing Denver at all.

They really wanted to go to New York, Chicago, and other cities, which is why Polis continues to charter buses until Sunday to get them out of here.

Immigration advocates, city and state officials, and experts speculate the laws that govern the city of Denver and state of Colorado may have attracted the migrants fleeing economic and political violence in Venezuela and other Central American countries. Colorado nonprofit groups’ relationships with border nonprofits also likely contributed to people coming to Denver.

As a matter of fact, migrants interviewed by various media sources confirm that word has spread about Denver’s freebie hospitality all the way to the border, and now we’ve become a tourist attraction, a stopover for clothing and other free stuff as they sightsee across the country on the taxpayer’s dime.

From the Washington Post:

Why Denver suddenly became a destination is unclear. Officials say about 70 percent of the arrivals have indicated a desire at intake to travel on to another destination. Others, such as Jesus Leal, say they came after hearing from others in El Paso that Denver was a welcoming refuge where immigration authorities would not bother undocumented immigrants.

The whole point of being a tourist state is for the tourist to pay for their own vacation and all the taxes that come with it, which in turn keeps Colorado government churning.

But being a sanctuary city has reversed all that crony capitalism and now the taxpayers are footing the vacation bills for thousands of sightseers, on their way to somewhere else.

Meanwhile, Mayor Hancock has extended the Dec. 15 emergency declaration until Feb. 27, as Denver continues to struggle with the influx of migrants from the border that not a single Democrat in Denver or state government bothered to plan for.