Colorado Democrats have already signaled their intent to ban “assault weapons” this legislative session in yet another futile effort to convince criminals to stop ignoring gun laws when they’re out and about committing crimes.

This year’s draft proposal would seek to allow current owners to keep any firearms they already own, but ban the sale and transfer of certain classifications of guns going forward. Current owners would need to have documentation of legal ownership dating to before the ban and would be restricted in where they could legally bring their guns.

Apparently, word has not reached Colorado yet that assault weapons are needed to protect drag shows.

Progressives claim the mere presence of school resource officers traumatizes children, and yet …

Radical leftists in Colorado also use  “assault weapons” to look scary at protest events.

Colorado Springs protestors block residential road with weapons.

We look forward to hearing Democrat lawmakers explain to all Coloradans how dangerous these weapons are when owned by the radical left. But they won’t. Guns are only dangerous when owned by criminals Republicans.

Republican Rep. Ryan Armagost of Berthoud puts the Democrats’ latest plot into perspective:

“The biggest thing is just using the terminology assault weapon to basically villainize firearms and owners of firearms,” said Aramagost. “Now we’re trying to expand that to include everything under the umbrella of firearms, shotguns, pistols, rifles, anything of the sort would be considered an assault weapon. You know the same thing could be used to demonize anything – a stapler or anything like that can be considered an assault weapon if they’re gonna keep pushing that.”

We would urge the Democrat-dominated state legislature to instead seriously consider the state of mental health in Colorado, and not just by trying to ban one means to the end or throw more money at the problem while wishing on a rainbow the problem just goes away.

Instead of addressing mental health issues and suicide, Democrats will make a list of scary gun names and then try and make money off offenders.

Suicide is currently the leading cause of death in young Coloradans, but when it comes to service availability for adults, Colorado looks like one of the worst states in the country.

Colorado ranked 51st out of all the states and Washington D.C. when it comes to need for care compared to access to care for adults, according to Mental Health America’s annual review.

But Democrats don’t like to talk about mental illness solutions, because then they have to address drug abuse and homelessness.