Gallup is very excited to disclose in their latest polling that Democrats identifying as liberals has reached an all-time high.

Only 25% of Democrats in 1994 were confident enough to publicly state they sided with radical liberals in their party on key issues.

By 2022, that number more than doubled to 54% of Democrats who describe themselves as liberal or very liberal.

It’s hard to take seriously a poll on political ideology that fails to consider current political ideology.

For example, Democrats have all but abandoned liberalism and the term itself, and instead embrace the “progressive” movement to advance their backwards beliefs.

Liberals, for example, fought against segregation and racism. Progressives are working to segregate the races once more and discriminate against Americans based on the color of their skin.

Liberals were huge supporters of free speech, while progressives hate freedom, and only support government-approved speech.

This poll should depress the Hell out of Democrats and old school liberals.

The Gallup poll included 11,000 interviews — 2,943 Democrats, 3,296 Republicans and 4,307 independents, and asked which of five categories best described their political views.

The results: 9% of U.S. adults call themselves very conservative, 27% conservative, 35% moderate, 18% liberal and 8% very liberal.

Not much there really to celebrate for liberals or very liberals. The fact Gallup doesn’t even recognize the progressive movement to be significant enough to include, also seems very telling.