The federal government is threatening to regulate gas stoves, Denver is already phasing out natural gas appliances in new commercial buildings, and a city councilman wants to ban natural gas use in private homes.

Next month, Denver Councilman Jolon Clark says he will bring forth his plans to phase the city’s way into a ban on gas stoves, space heaters, water heaters and fireplaces in all new residences.

The time is right, said Clark who supports the total electrification option. Climate change is worsening across the world, Denver’s air quality remains poor and natural gas prices are on the rise.

“We’re right at that tipping point where this makes a lot of sense,” Clark said.

Oh yeah, it makes huge sense to eliminate natural gas appliances and go all electric … which requires natural gas.

Progressives are basing their latest “Save the World” platform on a new study claiming nearly 13% of childhood asthma might be triggered by gas stoves.

And yet, according to the CDC, the common asthma triggers include pollen, physical exercise, cats, dogs and other pets, smoke, dust mites, cockroaches, mice, perfume, cold air, dry air, some foods and even bad weather.

If Coloradans are really serious about helping asthmatics, then do something about the price of inhalers, ban cats from … everywhere … cut down all the trees, and let asthmatics drive to work instead of walking or biking.

Oh, and some global warming and humidity would help.

Taking away everyone’s gas stove who is not asthmatic is absurd.