Gov. Polis and Democrat lawmakers campaigned for reelection on their alleged accomplishments of reducing the cost of healthcare in Colorado.

Then guess what happened?

Our health care premiums saw the second largest increase nationwide!

Private health insurance premiums rose higher in Colorado for 2023 than every state except for one.

Axios Denver reports Georgia came in first place with premium spikes as high as 20%, followed by Colorado with a soaring increase as high as 19.6%.

The nationwide average increase for health insurance premiums in 2023 is 4%.

For those who excelled in the study of equity and inclusion but must Google simple math — those numbers suck.

PeakNation™ will recall that just a few hours ago, we reported Polis was fact-checked by the media for claiming the state’s crime numbers were middle of the road nationally.

And yet, it turns out we’re number two nationally in terms of property crimes.

Colorado’s motto is “Nil Sine Numine,” which is Latin for “Nothing without providence or deity.”

The Democrat legislature should probably change it to:” Si sugit, optimi sumus secundi!” which loosely translated (by Google) means: “If it sucks, we’re second best!”