Sage Naumann nails what went wrong for Colorado Republicans in the 2022 elections in an article published this week by National Review.

You’d be forgiven if you thought magic mushrooms were decriminalized in Colorado prior to November.


Colorado Republicans were emphatic that this was the year they could turn around the Centennial State and win the fast-growing pool of unaffiliated voters who were concerned about inflation, rising crime, and a faltering public-education system.


Were we all sampling the product a bit early?

That would explain the hallucinations by those on the right who were convinced those in the middle were equally as concerned about the same issues and runaway government.

Naumann boils down the GOP losing streak statewide to Donald Trump, abortion, an organized Democrat base, and a Republican Party in shambles.

So what can Republicans do to regain ground?

Click here to read his article, but here’s a pretty good hint:

Coloradans want a Republican Party that is a party of ideas, not infantile delusions of conspiracy. They want conservatives with a willingness to govern that rises above the urge to produce fundraising-focused, hyper-partisan drivel. They want a conservative movement that places individuals above institutions, students above schools, and good governance above the slapdash legislating that comes from Democrats.

It’s good stuff.