Notorious bad girl and former Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters was found guilty by a jury Friday for obstructing government operations, but the jury acquitted her on a second charge of obstructing a police officer.

The charges came about after Peters used an iPad to record one of her many court appearances without permission from the judge, and for resisting arrest after refusing to hand over the iPad.

Sentencing is not scheduled until next month, at which time Peters faces a maximum term of six months in jail.

In August, Peters will stand trial for the charges relating to voting machine security breaches, which could send her to prison for a lot longer.

In the meantime, Peters is running to be chairwoman of the Colorado Republican Party at the March 11 convention.

Also running for party chairman are Erik Aadland, former state Sen. Kevin Lundberg, former state Rep. Dave Williams, Aaron Wood, and Casper Stockham.

It’s unclear why the jury turned a blind eye this week to the charge of obstructing a police officer, seeing as how there’s actual video of Peters (checks tape) … obstructing.

The video is still available on this link. 

Last time we checked, Republicans were still the pro law enforcement party.

Convention delegates might want to keep that in mind, as well as pending jail and possibly prison sentences when choosing a new party leader whose job it is to get Republicans elected.