Freshman U.S. Rep. Yadira Caraveo from Colorado’s new 8th District is one of the targets in a new ad campaign urging Democrats to buck President Biden’s proposed cuts to Medicare.

For those of you scratching heads and seemingly recalling it was Biden who accused Republicans of wanting to cut Medicare and Social Security, that’s because he did.

Biden’s accusation came after the Congressional Budget Office determined the largest effect of the Democrats’ 2022 reconciliation package was a $307 billion raid on Medicare to pay for green energy scams and $80 billion to hire an army of new IRS agents.

Then the Biden administration proposed even more cuts in January to the Medicare Advantage program.

American Action Network has launched a $2 million ad campaign urging Democrats to block Biden’s plan to keep cutting Medicare.

“Joe Biden and his liberal friends in Congress are talking out of both sides of their mouth: promising to protect Medicare while pushing benefit cuts for seniors,” said AAN President Dan Conston. “Each and every liberal in Congress needs to speak out now and stop Biden’s cuts to Medicare benefits before it’s too late.”

Leftists have not lost their touch for accusing Republicans of the bad things Democrats are preparing to do.