For those who missed Vice President Kamala Harris’s climate change musings in Denver this week, including Gov. Polis who apparently skipped out on her before she took the stage, here’s what you missed.

The staged event was awkwardly moderated by U.S. Rep. Brittany Pettersen and mountain climber Sasha DiGiulian, both self-proclaimed climate experts.

The women dutifully read from cue cards prepared by Harris’s staff, which had the effect of making them appear just as stilted and immature as the vice president.

“How are you thinking about this moment of climate change?” Pettersen asked.

Most people think using a brain, but Harris opted for the laughing hyena routine and blurted, “I love water policy, let’s talk about that!”

Turns out her water policy expertise is that she grew up alongside a large body of water in San Francisco.

When asked the hardball question, “How has your life shaped your work on the environment and climate change,” Harris schooled the young ladies on how climate change used to be called ecology, and laughed again in a demonstration of just how absurd it’s all become.

Before environmentalism became climate change, it was known as ecology, she instructed.

Harris proclaimed herself an expert because she’s from the birthplace of all things problematic — San Francisco — where homelessness has since replaced the hippie/drug/ecological movement now known as climate change.

In a totally fabricated memory, Harris recalled how she once asked her mother why conservatives were bad?

“I thought we were supposed to conserve,” was the insipid punch line, followed by laughter so fake, hyenas would have turned on her in an instant and torn her to shreds.

As Harris prattled on about having grown up with water and air, she concluded that was what led her to the civil rights movement, which she described as “a bunch of people marching and shouting for justice.”

Harris was a mess. Her rambling train-of-though proved just as nonsensical as her boss, Joe Biden.

Equity is what taught her to cherish this beautiful plant, she proclaimed, before rambling on about environmental justice and an oil spill in the ocean as the progressive audience clapped like a bunch of seals.

We don’t blame Polis for bailing. It was painful to watch and we are all more dumber for having listened to her.