Some Democrat lawmakers don’t want anyone in Colorado owning certain rifles, pistols, or shotguns they consider “assault weapons” unless they’re police, military, or government, because long live tyranny.

So we’re not surprised the heavily Democrat-controlled legislature led by the efforts of Rep. Elisabeth Epps and Sen. Rhonda Fields would add an assault weapon ban to the list of anti 2nd Amendment Rights measures being pursued this session.

Yet interestingly, it appears not all Democrats are keen on the idea of facing recall elections or supporting a measure that’s bound to face a tough court challenge on its constitutionality.

Colorado Politics reports the bill will likely face opposition in the state Senate from Democrats like Tom Sullivan of Centennial and from Gov. Polis.

Here’s Senate President Steve Fenberg of Boulder with the cop out excuse:

Fenberg said there is a lot of “hesitation” on the bill within the Senate. It’s not that people don’t support the concept, but they don’t feel it’s the right policy at the right time, he said, adding it could also serve as a distraction and not the most effective way to save lives.

Mark that in stone. Boulder Democrat admits gun grab from law-abiding citizens will not save lives.

He also cited a bunch of other excuses as to why it probably won’t pass, but the key take-away here is the president of the Senate admits it’s not a certainty the bill will pass when it comes up for a vote this week.

Meanwhile, State Rep. Matt Soper, Delta Republican, apologized to colleagues for a weekend tweet he has since removed that said taking folks’ legally purchased guns away could ignite a civil war.

The Denver Post reported that “in a nod to the looming legislative fights over firearms set to begin this week, he emphasized how important the issue was to him and his constituents.”

“I do want you to understand that firearms are something that are near and dear to folks on the Western Slope and throughout rural Colorado,” Delta Republican Rep. Matt Soper told his House colleagues Monday morning.

“But I do want to say to this chamber: I should’ve chosen a couple of different words that were included there, and my apologies.”

Soper’s words might be harsh on ears that took his phrasing so literally, but his sentiment is true; lawmakers who support gun bans should expect a fight from lawful gun owners, whether it be in court, at the ballot box, or future fundraising efforts.

Democrats please recheck the Constitution, right there by the number 2, and rethink your efforts to disarm American citizens.